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The Soundpost is the official newsletter of Pacific Northwest Viols, published bi-monthly during the Play Day season, and distributed both to members of PNV and to non-member subscribers.

The Soundpost typically contains a Play Day calendar and schedule, and may also include notices of upcoming non-PNV events and concerts, updates to PNV members from the PNV Board, classified advertising, and a variety of articles of interest to PNV members and to viol players in general.

Submissions of articles or photographs for inclusion in The Soundpost are always welcome. Photos should be relatively simple in composition, with good black and white contrast to ensure their clarity when they are published.

To submit an item for inclusion in The Soundpost, contact the Editor by email. Snail-mail submissions are, of course, also welcome. Please contact the Editor by email to obtain the post-office mailing address.

You can read the latest edition of The Soundpost  by clicking here.  Please consult our Play Days page for the dates and presenters for the current season.

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