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One educational goal of PNV is to encourage people to try the viol. Toward achieving that goal, a program has been established that provides low-cost rental viols to prospective viol players and chapter members.

The rental period, usually one year, is intended to provide the time for a person to discover whether he or she finds playing the viol as rewarding as anticipated, and if so, to find and purchase an instrument that meets his or her needs. The renter is expected to join the chapter and participate in the Play Days.

Treble, Bass, Tenor Viols
photograph by Lee Talner

The Viol Family

The viol family is composed of various members of different sizes, tuned to different pitches. The treble, bass, and tenor viols are pictured at the left. The tuning pitches of these viols (counterclockwise from left to right) are given below.

Treble: d"-a'-e'-c'-g-d Bass: d'-a-e-c-G-D (A') Tenor: g'-d'-a-f-c-G

Rental rates are pegged to those of the Viola da Gamba Society of America, currently $400 per year for bass and $300 per year for tenor and treble viols.

Anyone interested in renting a viol should contact the rental viol administrator, Olga Hauptman, by email or phone (206) 533-0347.

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